Roto Your ProductsIn 3 Simple Steps

Get 4K quality interactive product photography in less than a week

Product Details

Let us know what type of products you have, how many, and the typical size and weight

Choose Style

Choose one or a combination of: 360, Multi-Axis, Dynamic Hotspot, or Info Hotspots

Mail Products

Send your products to our secure RotoStudio and we will take care of the rest!

Pricing Starts As Low As $64.95

Whether you're launching a crowdfunding campaign, or looking to spice up your site’s user interface, you've come to the right place. 
3D interactive product photography is what we do best. Our staff are photography experts committed to making your products stand out from the competition. There is no need for you to invest in your own photography equipment when you can utilize our studio services. 

What Do You Get With RotoImage's Studio Services?

  • The Roto Files - simply copy and paste the unique Roto URL into your website
  • Routine Image Touch Up If Required - Inquire on how we can fix blemishes, remove serial numbers etc.
  • Hosting - We can host all of the Roto files on our servers for you. If you want to host, no problem - we'll transer all the files over to you.
  • SEO Boost - We can include backend metadata information like your company name, product name, SKU Number, and keyword metadata to each Roto to help boost your site's SEO
  • Stills - As Roto's are made up of dozens, sometimes hundreds, of pictures - we'll give you all of those HD still images to use for print marketing or other applications
  • Storage - we'll keep a backup copy of your project for one year incase something with your website goes down
  • Rich Media Viewer - customized Roto Media Viewers allow your customers to zoom, auto rotate, enter full scree, interact with hotspots, add your logo, add hyperlinks and more!