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E-commerce Product Photography Made Easy

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  • Accessories
  • Electronics
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  • Anything you can sell online!!!

Stand Out From The Competition

Everyone is trying to compete in the online marketplace these days. Unfortunately, the days are gone where the best product prevailed simply on its merits. You need a competitive advantage to grab potential customers attention and then convert those browsers into buyers. Rotos are a fantastic way to catch someone's attention and keep it!


Dynamic Hotspots - Dynamic hotspots bring your products to life! Change colors, manipulate your product, add or subtract items, you name it! We’d love to hear and share creative ideas that turn your products into virtual reality.

Info Hotspots - when a user hovers over the hotspot, detailed specifications, history, or special offerings appear. This engages potential customers even further without detracting from your product.

Marketing That Matters

RotoImage understands the importance of marketing, so much so that we've branched off to develop a sister company Labeled Agency. By having a division that focuses on website development and social media marketing it keeps RotoImage privy all of the technicalities with optimization, responsiveness, and security. All of our Rotos are fully responsive and work even better on mobile devices. Speed is a critical factor in search engine optimization and user experience. Our software allows for full optimization for size, speed, meta data, and numerous file formats. There are also numerous intrinsic benefits to utilizing Rotos including decreasing webpage bounce rate, increasing page stickiness, increasing social context, and reducing shopping cart abandonment rates. 

If you need help with online marketing including website design, SEO, adwords, review generation, social media marketing, ad campaigns, virtual tours, and videography please reach out to us at www.labeledagency.com


RotoImage Engineers and Creates Customized Photography Studios

Some products don't work with off the shelf photography equipment. RotoImage specializes in designing RotoEquipment to meet any of your photography needs.