The Compact System Looks Like A Spaceship And Performs Like One Too

  • Easy to use, plug and play set up
  • Uniform lighting environment for perfect pictures
  • Transparent table for "Shadow-less" presentations
  • Compatible with any camera that has live view mode
  • Intelligent vibration compensating module
  • Fully automated - one click activation
  • Controlled from PC/Mac/Laptop/Remote Control


This all-in-one photography studio can fit on your desktop and is a real eye catcher in your showroom.

The Compact is the only all-in-one Photography Studio to shoot Eye Glasses, Watches, Jewelry Photography and More!

Product Specifications
Max Product Weight 5 kg  11 lbs
Max Product Size For 360 15x15x15 cm 6”x6”x6”
Max Product Size For Multi-Axis 15x15x15 cm 6"x6"x6"
Equipment Specifications
Equipment Weight 19 kg  41.8 lbs
Total Equipment Size 110x100x90cm 43.3”x39.8”x35.4”
Background Diameter Integrated Spherical Background
Turntable Diameter 50 cm  19.7"
Turntable Speed Per Rotation 10 secs (min) 600 secs (max)
 Max Pictures Per Axis 112,000 (x-y) 250 (z)