Photography Equipment

No Matter How Big Your Products Are, We Have The Right Photography Equipment For You!

Uniform Lighting

We've created the dream lighting environment for all of our systems to make shooting products extremely efficient.

Shadow Or Shadowless

Transparent or a white turntable is available to to present your products with or without shadows


The Compact is an all-in-one photography studio for for shooting products like jewelry and accessories. This system is our or smallest in size and fits right on your table top. Your customers will be in awe not only from the results that Compact will produce, but also at the pure beauty of this 'spaceship' looking system.

PhotoTable Mini

We took all the best elements of the PhotoTable and compressed it down into a table top version. The Phototable Mini is extremely flexible piece of photography equipment perfect for shooting small items like electronics, coins, jewelry, and shoes.

Centerless Turntable

With the automatic stepping motor moved off to the side, the centerless design allows you to decide on if you want shadows or not.

Stacking Technology

Stacking gives you the opportunity to take numerous images of each frame and merge the best focal point of each image. The results are outstanding and will make your products stand out from the competition even more.

Fully Automatic

Efficiency is key when you need to shoot hundreds of products. Everyone of our systems is fully automatic an can be controlled off of any computer or tablet - simply press play


All of RotoImage's photography equipment is designed to be able to shoot in 360 or in full 3D Multi-Axis


The PhotoTable includes some of the most efficient photography equipment on the market. It's the system us here at RotoImage utilize most for our fulfillment studios. It's perfect for objects big and small - from a backpack all the way down to a ring.

Classic Imager

The Classic Imager packs a powerful punch. This large system can handle all your large products from luggage to sporting goods. Need to Roto larger products like furniture? We have you covered with our Classic Mega Photography Equipment.

Education And Support

RotoImage wants to set you up for success and empower you to make perfect interactive product presentations for all of your products. We can travel to you, set up the photography equipment, and teach you all of the best practices!

Eliminate Photo Editing

By creating a perfect photography environment we have eliminated the requirement for photoshopping to save you time and money.

Programmable Turntables

Capture perfect Rotos in seconds with customizable turntables. Change the speed, stop motion or continual, and over 100,000 degrees of separation possible per rotation.


We ship our photography equipment partially assembled to save you time putting it together. Alternatively, we can set it all up for you!


Fashion and apparel businesses are some of our most common clients. Rotos are a great way to show a customer exactly what the apparel they are purchasing will look like - whether it's on a model or a mannequin. It's even possible to capture the movements of a model which will make your photography stand out even more from your competition.

XY Imager

The XY Imager is the ultimate 3D Photography tool. With a completely modular design, the XY photography equipment can be tailored meet all of your product photography requirements. Shoot items the size of earrings all the way up to a car with this all-in-one system.


Many of RotoImage's systems are designed to be modular to save you precious space at your business place.


All of our solutions can be customized to meet your needs. Have an extraordinary requirement? No problem - we special is engineering unique solutions to ensure your success.

RotoImage Engineers and Creates Customized Photography Studios

Some products don't work with off the shelf photography equipment. RotoImage specializes in designing RotoEquipment to meet any of your photography needs.